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Streamwood is a vibrant village northwest of Chicago, located in Cook County.

It has grown significantly since its incorporation on February 9th, 1957 and currently boasts an impressive population of nearly 40 thousand residents!

Streamwood forms part of the ‘Tri Village’ area along with Bartlett and Hanover Park – all three making up one dynamic metropolitan hub connected to greater Chicagoland

Village of Streamwood, IL
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Furnace Repair

Winter is the time when furnace repair services are in high demand. Hiring a Streamwood heating contractor to keep your furnace running smoothly during the colder months is essential for saving on energy costs and ensuring that your home is warm and comfortable.

Temperature Control Maintenance is a  furnace repair service provider that can maintain and service your furnace, as well as repair any issues that may arise.

We have the experience, training, and certifications necessary to make sure your furnace continues to run efficiently throughout each winter season.

Honestly, it’s tough to get through the winter months when your furnace decides to blow cool air instead of the warm air you were expecting.  So, whether you’re dealing with a furnace that doesn’t seem to be heating efficiently or one that has gone out completely, Temperature Control Maintenance, a Streamwood furnace repair services provider can help get it up and running quickly.

Streamwood homeowners who have not dealt with furnace issues before will find it reassuring to know that Temperature Control Maintenance is a reliable furnace repair contractor that can provide service promptly, identify furnace issues quickly, offer advice on how frequently certain furnace maintenance should be performed, and work to ensure their furnace is operating safely and effectively all year round.

Preventive Streamwood HVAC Maintenance

Temperature Control Maintenance offers Streamwood families and businesses the opportunity to remain comfortable all year long with preventative HVAC maintenance.

To ensure optimal performance from your heating & air conditioning systems, schedule a checkup with Temperature Control Maintenance certified professionals twice each year; springtime for ACs and fall/winter for heaters.

With over 15 years in the industry, we are confident about providing superior service when taking care of these important jobs in our customers’ homes.

Emergency Services 24/7

Never worry about a Heating and Cooling emergency again. Temperature Control Maintenance is here to offer Streamwood homeowners the highest quality of 24/7 emergency service for any unexpected AC or HVAC Contractor situation that might arise – day or night!

With our team by your side, you can rest easy knowing we are only one call away at 630-800-0720.


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