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We install and service RTUs.

What is an RTU Unit?

RTU stands for “roof-top unit”, which is a type of heating and cooling system in which all components, including the coils, compressor, and fan are packaged together into one single unit on a Lombard roof top.

Because all of the  components are placed in a compact box, we call it a packaged system

Unlike traditional systems which have separate indoor and outdoor elements, RTU’s combine everything within a single package making installation easier while conserving energy costs thanks to optimized performance levels.


What are the Advantages of Installing Roof-Top Units

A roof-top unit is a type of HVAC system mostly found in commercial buildings. These systems provide heating, cooling, and ventilation to a building

With their quiet operation and low-profile footprint, roof-top units are the perfect solution for keeping your building comfortable without intruding on interior space or raising security concerns. Installed easily onto any roof in Lombard, RTUs provide an efficient way to manage temperature while remaining out of sight!

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When should you replace your building’s rooftop Unit?

The question truly begins with knowing the life expectancy of a rooftop unit.

Having an RTU on your building can mean savings on energy costs for well over two decades.  However, the life expectancies of these units do vary.  Anything from continuous operation to poor maintenance as well as environmental factors such as hail/ice or snow can take their toll and reduce the unit’s efficiency by up to 50%.

To ensure you get maximum value out of a rooftop unit long-term you need a general set of to do proactive steps that you can put into a preventative maintenance program which includes checkups and minor adjustments which are far less expensive than waiting until breakdowns occur!

Make sure you also factor in the time and money spent on maintenance and emergency repairs, and growing energy costs. Call Temperature Control Maintenance to help you evaluate whether your Lombard Rooftop Units should be replaced.

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