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Hanover Park is the perfect place to call home! Located just 30 miles outside of Chicago, this vibrant community has something for everyone.

From a thriving modern economy and commerce industry to quiet neighborhoods with affordable housing – Hanover Park straddling both Cook and DuPage Counties provides an idyllic lifestyle boasting 37,973 residents in its last census.

We are the Hanover Park Refrigeration Service Provider

Temperature Control Maintenance offers unparalleled expertise in refrigeration to keep your commercial appliances in great working order. From small self-contained units perfect for a cafe or restaurant to massive systems used by large grocery stores and warehouses – we are the go-to destination!

We install, maintain, and service all kinds of freezers, coolers, and ice machine units from Convenience Stores to Doctor Offices in Hanover Park, IL.

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Commercial Coolers

A commercial cooler system is a crucial piece of machinery for Hanover Park, IL businesses that depend on having access to cool temperatures – such as restaurants, commercial kitchens, flower shops, convenience stores, and more.

The cooler system includes refrigerant lines, fan blade assemblies, and a control switch, allowing businesses to customize how cold their products stay. Not only that, but they also have features such as adjustable shelf heights and a glass door for added presentation.

Knowing the right commercial cooler system to choose from can make all the difference in ensuring long-term competitiveness in the market and setting your business up for success while keeping costs low.

With the right commercial cooling system installed and regularly maintained, Hanover Park businesses can improve their efficiency and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Commercial freezers

Commercial freezers come in a variety of sizes and styles, from chest to upright models. They are built with commercial-grade materials and provide reliable performance and efficient energy utilization. However, as with any commercial kitchen appliance, commercial freezers need regular service and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Regular maintenance should include replacing door seals, cleaning and servicing compressors, testing air circulation outside of the freezer, adjusting the thermostat setting, cleaning the condenser coils or fan blades regularly, and verifying that proper airflow is being maintained.

Additionally, commercial freezers should receive periodic professional services which can be provided by Temperature Control Maintenance,  Without proper inspections, and maintenance, commercial freezers may suffer malfunctions which can cost Hanover Park restaurant owners significantly in terms of lost product.

Ice Makers

Commercial ice makers are an essential component in any commercial kitchen, providing restaurants and bars in Hanover Park, IL with their supply of cold beverages. To ensure your commercial ice makers are running smoothly and efficiently, it’s important to install, repair, and maintain them properly.

Fortunately for you, Temperature Control Maintenance, a professional commercial appliance servicer, can help with all aspects of commercial ice maker installation and maintenance – from helping you choose the right unit for your needs to appropriately installing it to offering extensive commercial ice maker repairs if needed.

With proper installation and maintenance services available for the Hanover Park, IL area, you can count on your commercial ice makers to keep your business up and running with a consistent supply of quality ice.

3 Major components that should be monitored and repaired.

Your cooler’s compressor is like a beating heart – it keeps the system running and needs proper care to stay in optimal shape. If your refrigerator isn’t at its peak performance, we can provide an effective solution; from simply cleaning the coil of dust and debris or replacing any necessary parts for complete functionality.

Keeping your walk-in cooler at the perfect temperature is no easy feat. The evaporator works hard to keep temperatures steady, but frost and ice buildup can be a telltale sign that something isn’t quite right – so don’t ignore it! To ensure everything continues running smoothly, seek out Temperature Control Maintenance for professional maintenance services for repairs before further damage or failure occurs.

Lastly, don’t let the silent walls of your cooler deceive you! Over time, they can accumulate wear and tear which leads to costly temperature inconsistencies. Our expert technicians at Temperature Control Maintenance are here to identify broken panels quickly and provide repairs with minimal disturbance – ensuring that your system runs smoothly for years to come!

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