A new clock tower was recently completed at the northwest corner of Wood Dale and Irving Park roads in Wood Dale, IL. This tower and surrounding garden will serve as a new focal point for the City, welcoming visitors to the area.

Special events are also a key component of the City’s outreach efforts within the community. The annual four-day Prairie Fest extravaganza takes place mid-summer and offers a carnival, food vendors, live music, and fun for the entire family. In the winter, Wood Dale boasts one of the most well-attended and unique tree lighting ceremonies in the western suburbs thanks to the inclusion of not only a holiday lights display but also a full fireworks show in December.

According to the annual report published by, Wood Dale has been named one of the safest cities in Illinois, with an overall ranking of #5 in the area.

The City is actively moving forward with innovative energy solutions that will create a healthier City that is safer and more secure.

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Keeping ice machines in top condition requires regular maintenance. With ice machines, a few preventative measures can go a long way toward preventing issues like inadequate ice volume or poor ice quality.

An easy way to monitor ice machine health is by using maintenance signs that can be placed near ice machines. These signs will remind users of simple tasks they can do to ensure their ice machine performs properly, such as replacing the water filters and spraying down surfaces with an approved sanitizer.

Maintenance signs are an invaluable tool for making sure ice machines stay clean and efficient.

Proper ice machine maintenance should always be a top priority for businesses that serve food and beverages.



Ice machines can experience numerous issues that can severely limit their efficiency and reliability. When looking for ice machine repairs, it is important to assess the problem accurately to ensure that a qualified ice machine specialist will be able to provide you with the best solution.

Signs of ice machine issues include…

  • not producing enough ice quickly
  • having ice of an unusual texture or color
  • machine making loud noises
  • poor ice quality
  • ice storage problems, and
  • temperature issues caused by blocked and clogged parts

Regular ice machine maintenance is essential in ensuring the ice you produce and serve to your customers has the highest quality standards.

This is why posting very visible signs around ice machines will remind both employees and customers to take appropriate action. From ice machine cleaning instructions to sanitation guidelines, these signs can keep ice machines running smoothly and reduce potential for contamination or health risks.

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