What Summer Temps Do To Your Commercial Refrigerator

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Commercial Refrigeration Control Panel

Is your commercial refrigerant system in Schaumburg at risk due to high summer temperatures?

Here are a few reasons why your commercial refrigerant system may break down.

Because of higher temperatures in the summer months, your refrigeration systems must work harder to maintain cool temperatures.  The increased demand for cooling due to higher temperatures and more frequent opening of refrigerator doors in businesses in Schaumburg, such as restaurants and grocery stores, put a high strain on your system.

Also, considering that your refrigeration systems may work harder in the summer, it can affect the overall temperature regulation in commercial spaces where your refrigeration systems are located.

So, the question becomes, what can you do to offset this concern?  Well, here are a few things to consider.

 We suggest you schedule a routine maintenance check with your commercial refrigeration service provider to ensure your refrigeration system is in optimal condition. This includes inspecting components, cleaning coils, and checking refrigerant levels.  You can also ask your service provider to check for leaks in the system and confirm that all the seals are intact.   This can help maintain proper temperatures, reducing the refrigeration system’s workload.

Have you looked around to determine if you have adequate ventilation around the refrigeration system to prevent overheating? If not, create a to-do list to help identify obstructions that could impede airflow and install fans if necessary to improve circulation.

You may not have thought of this, but the smallest thing like rearranging products inside the refrigeration units in a way that promotes airflow can prevent overloading outcomes.

While we know you are optimizing to keep maintenance costs low, it may be worth considering upgrading to an energy-efficient refrigeration unit designed to handle higher temperatures more efficiently.   Consider asking about Energy Star-rated appliances that can help reduce energy consumption and minimize strain on the system.

For a few extra dollars, a temperature monitoring device can help keep track of the internal temperatures of your refrigeration units but adjust temperature settings as needed to maintain efficiency without overworking the system.

If you have outdoor refrigeration units, providing some type of shading to shield them from direct sunlight can help prevent overheating and improve overall efficiency.

Lastly, have a contingency plan in place in case of unexpected breakdowns. Know how to quickly shut off the system and have contact information for reliable HVAC technicians who can provide emergency repairs posted near the unit for emergency services.

We know that when you implement these types of strategies, you can help alleviate the strain on your refrigerant system during the summer months.

Temperature Control Maintenance is a reliable Schaumburg commercial refrigeration service provider.  Call us today for a maintenance checkup.

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